"A more fragrant cherry than Karin Dornbusch I have seldom heard.... To me personally, one finalist, Karin Dornbusch, came as a revelation... she has a gentle, blossoming tone on her clarinet, a wide expressive register and perfect command of dynamics all the way from whispering to bellowing."
(Per-Anders Hellqvist, Göteborgs Posten 1995)

"For convincing musical interpretation, strength of personal expression and an obvious sense of audience communication."
(Citation for the 1996 Soloist Prize)

"Karin Dornbusch is manifestly endowed with the prize-winning qualities of personality and fingerspitzengefühl for every nuance."
(Thomas Anderberg, Dagens Nyheter 1996)

"She had a wonderful tone and exquisite articulation. Sincerity, pride, exuberance and love of her instrument were some of the ingredients making for a first-class achievement."
(John Lidström, Länstidningen, Södertälje 1996)

"There was breathless admiration of Karin Dornbusch's playing in Mozart's clarinet concerto... Her sublime tone blossoms forth in the dark registers of the clarinet, as enchantingly as in the high ones. Even in the fastest passages, her legato playing is of silken softness."
(Seth Karlsson, Falukuriren 1996)

"The immensity of her talent is clear to anyone listening to her first CD."
(Seth Karlsson, Södra Dalarnes Tidning 1996)

"The highlight of the evening was Mozart's clarinet concerto with Karin Dornbusch as soloist. She has a sovereign command of the instrument, leaping with feline agility from one register to another. The tone is soft, with no joins. The adagio took on an etherial purity of naked pianissimos, especially after the cadenza. Then came the rondo, which was all humour, playfulness and elegance."
(Fride Jansson, Länstidningen, Nyköping)

"A pearl of price!"
(Stig Jacobsson, Hifi & Musik 1996)

"This début record by 25-year-old Karin Dornbusch is the obvious choice for a clarinet lover."
(Björn G. Stenberg, Upsala Nya Tidning 1996)

"...the playing of Karin Dornbusch puts new life into the clarinet and its qualities... Dornbusch displays an immensely versatile and lively relation to her instrument, strenghthens its power of rapid and rhythmic movement, deepens its capacity for dwelling on a single note, as if that note were a complete song in itself."
(Hans-Gunnar Peterson, Svenska Dagbladet 1996)

"...Karin Dornbusch, in whose impressible personal playing, virtuosity and feeling combined to shape the character of the different movements... Musicianship of the highest order."
(Lars Hedblad, Svenska Dagbladet 1997)

"...the 1996 prize-winner, clarinet artist Karin Dornbusch, has now made a record demonstrating an unparalleled instrumental confidence... an almost extreme capacity for varying and controlling the tone colour of her instrument."
(Lennart Bromander, Arbetet 1997)

"...Karin Dornbusch, last year's winner of the prestigious Swedish Soloist Prize, played with utter buoyancy and elegance and, at the same time, with absolute fullness and consistence of tone."
(Lennart Bromander, Arbetet 1997)

"In all registers and nuances she was improvisational and exploratory, and in superb technical control, which was especially noticeable in the softspoken lyrical interjections. This performance was a masterpiece in every sense of the word."
(Carlhåkan Larsén, Sydsvenska Dagbladet 1997)

"Everything is played with enthusiasm, stunning virtuosity and tremendous brillance."
(P-G Bergfors, Göteborgs-Posten 1997)

"Judging from 'Clarinet', we can expect almost anything..."
(Mikael Widell, Dagens Industri 1997)

"..just close your eyes and enjoy this interpretation."
(Mikael Bengtsson 1999)

"...the virtuoso passages and the fast staccatos are perfect, she fills the dark register of the clarinet with thrilling intensity, the high notes roll like pearls."
(Siegfried Schibli, Basler Zeitung 1999)

"...the playing of the soloist was characterised with confidence and elasticity. The shape and the technique was very well-balanced. This work, which is a masterpiece through its warm sonorous image got an adaquate interpretation. The applause intensified into a rhythmic clapping."
(Paul Schorno, Basler Landschaftliche Zeitung 1999)

"...a musician's capacity of agile tone shaping was made evident as Karin Dornbusch entered the stage. John Fernström's clarinet concerto opens with a Bartók-related thunder, where Karin, with self-evidence and steady tone, initially spreads out the lower register of the clarinet... The solo cadenza flashes by in high tempo, without Dornbusch renouncing any aspect of her soft, broad tone."
(Magnus Edholm, Piteå-tidningen, 5 July, 2003)

"Karin Dornbusch excelled in her interpretation."
(Michael Kunkel, Tages-Anzeiger, 11 April, 2005)

"The clarinetist Karin Dornbusch blessed her solo part with passion and contagious enthusiasm. Every note a celebration!"
(Gottfried Wiedemer, Offenburger Tagesblatt, 20 June, 2006)

"The young Swedish clarinetist Karin Dornbusch was convincing in her sincere and at the same time un-pathetic mode of playing. She is incessantly picking up sonant treasures from the depths, thereby opening an entirely new dimension, a new angle of approach."
(Gertrude Siefke, Badische Zeitung, 20 June, 2006)